My new favorite toys

Recently, I went to the store to buy Everett a new toy. I’ve barely bought any new toys for him, and decided that my good little boy was due for something new and fun. I’m always concerned with the materials used in toys, since he’s chewing and licking everything, and there are so many scares out there about PVC, BPA, and other potential carcinogens.

What I found was a whole line of super cute, eco–friendly toys! They are called B. The colors are bright, but not nauseating. They’re educational and fun. And—from a graphic design standpoint—the packaging is phenomenal! It came with recycled materials, biodegradable ties, a reusable zippered bag, and a quaint little booklet with cute sayings from kids. I bought the chain of bugs that link together, but I have my eye on the “Parum Pum Pum” (Christmas, perhaps?). Everett loves hitting things and hammering things, so I’m sure it’ll be a hit if we get it. (Yes, cheesy pun intended.)

The “Fish & Splish” is super cute too, though I’d like to see it in person. I’m finding that so many bath toys have holes in them, which allows water in and turns them into a little bacteria and mold petri dish which doubles as a bottle for a nine–month–old.

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I'm a crazy-in-love married, graphic designing, photographing, Jesus following new mom.
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4 Responses to My new favorite toys

  1. Christa B says:

    AH! Battat toys! Used to be the parents line. Love the colors! Target exclusive!

  2. amy says:

    super cute! I totally agree about the bath toys with holes in them…ick :)

    We have that drum and etc by the way…be warned…it is NOIsy :)

  3. Carolyn says:

    Love those toys, Sophia has they key chain, real keys!!!! and a great alarm

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